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[because of online threats and incitements to mob violence during an incendiary situation in Charlottesville, we have deleted identifying information for anyone except Jock Yellott, our Executive Director.  You can refer questions to him .]



Jock Yellott

Retired lawyer and civic activist.  In March 2016 he notified the City that moving or defacing war memorials would violate Virginia law.  Late in 2016 he created The Monument Fund, Inc. to raise money for litigation to preserve monuments.  The case was filed in March 2017.  Yellott and the Monument Fund Inc. are among 13 plaintiffs.  He supervises the lawyers, has testified, and participated in writing briefs.  In May 2017, finding that the Plaintiffs "are likely to prevail on the merits,"  a Charlottesville judge granted a temporary injunction to prevent removal of the monument to General Robert E Lee.   The case is ongoing. 


The Monument Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible