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Motion to Remove Covers Filed

In August 2017, the city wrapped the Lee and Jackson monuments in black plastic tarps, duct taped in place.

After citizens repeatedly pulled off the covers, in September 2017 the City surrounded the  monuments with orange plastic fencing and no trespassing signs. 

Charlottesville Circuit Court Judge Moore on October 4, 2017 took the city at its word that the covers were temporary, and allowed them to remain in place for a limited time.  

But on November 6, 2017 City Council passed a resolution calling for permanently screening the monuments from public view. 

The Monument Fund and the other plaintiffs promptly filed a motion asking the Court to order the City to remove the covers, and cease impeding access to the monuments. 

The motion points out that the City never got BAR approval for the covers.  And winter winds, tarps frozen to the monuments, and the weight of snow increase the potential for damage.   

The motion asks for a substantial fine for every day the covers remain in place. It cites a similar case in Alabama, where the State Attorney General asked a court to fine the City of Birmingham $25,000 per day, for each day its Confederate monuments remain obscured.

The  hearing on the motion to remove the tarps is currently scheduled for February 5. 

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