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Lawsuit filed

On Monday, March 20, 2017,  at 8:40am, The Monument Fund, Inc., the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc. and nearly a dozen private citizens filed suit in Charlottesville Circuit Court to stop the City of Charlottesville from removing the Robert E. Lee monument from Lee Park and from radically reconfiguring both the Lee and Jackson parks.

The Complaint charges the city with (1) violating Virginia’s monument protection law, (2) acting outside the authority delegated to them by the Virginia General Assembly and (3) violating the terms of Paul Goodloe McIntire’s gifts.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to freeze the status quo in both parks and stop any potential destruction while this complex litigation moves forward. Additionally, plaintiffs are seeking damages against the City and against each Councilor individually for acting recklessly and in deliberate disregard of the law.

Representing the plaintiffs are three counsel of record: Ralph Main, Esq., Colt Puryear, Esq., and Elliott Harding Esq., assisted by several other counsel.

The city has three weeks to respond. The lawyers anticipate an initial effort to dismiss the Complaint, and then most likely a hearing on our request for an injunction. The case will be hard fought, and the outcome of litigation is never a certainty. But a lot of hard work went into case preparation, and the lawyers are optimistic.

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