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Tarps removed; case proceeds to trial

Judge Moore granted our motion, and ordered the tarps removed. 

But he left the orange fencing and no trespassing signs.  They remain to be dealt with.

There have been several procedural developments since the last post. 

Judge Moore ordered the City and the individual City Councillors to turn over any emails they've written about the monuments.   That should be revealing once we get them. 

We are now governed by a pretrial scheduling order that sets deadlines for completion of  discovery, in advance of a (currently scheduled) trial date of October 26, 2018. 

We say currently scheduled because the Defendants have asked to postpone the trial until January 2019.   We argue the trial should start in October.  Continue later if we need more time.  The judge will decide that, probably sometime in August. 

In accord with the pretrial order we've designated eight experts, mostly historians, who will testify for us. 

And we've filed requests for admissions. 

Essentially we are asking the City to admit that statues the City calls Confederate monuments,  want to remove because they are Confederate monuments -- are in fact Confederate monuments. 

Seems silly but they persist in denying it.   Deny the world is round, put us to our proof: a last ditch defense strategy.

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