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Yet more lawyers

The Judge postponed the trial from October to January 14-16, 2019, at the Defendants' request, and as a consequence the pretrial schedule has shifted and expanded. 

At the  rescheduling hearing, the law firm Jones Day entered an appearance for four of the five City Councilors: Bellamy; Galvin; Signer; and Szakos.  A Jones Day lawyer told the judge that 15 (fifteen) Jones Day lawyers are providing their services to the Defendants pro bono. The fifth former Council Member, Bob Fenwick, is not being represented by Jones Day for reasons unknown.

Counting three in the City Attorneys' office, three more representing the City's insurer, and the fifteen Jones Day lawyers, the Plaintiffs now face 21 counsel.   We have two lawyers: Ralph Main and Colt Puryear.  A third is on standby for the appeal. 

The City also indicated that it intends to ask for a “protective order” forbidding disclosure of their expert witnesses and evidence. They told Judge Moore that they are afraid of “doxing” - the gathering of information about a person through social media or other web-related sources.  Judge Moore said that issue will have to be addressed at an evidentiary hearing.

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