The Monument Fund

Preserving and Defending our Historic Monuments and Memorials

A Trust to fund the Preservation of Charlottesville’s Historic Heritage.   

The trustees are volunteers, unpaid, contributing time and effort.  Other than operating and administrative costs like maintaining the website and accounting, all gifts go to the trust’s core purposes: protecting our monuments and buying new ones.   

We will defend our city’s monuments against threats and encroachments of any sort — litigating if necessary.  

And we will improve them, by adding more informative, better detailed explanations of the history of the statues and what they can teach us.  We must know the past to understand our present and prepare for a better future. 

The Trust supports a separate nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation called The Monument Fund, Inc.  Contributions to the Monument Fund are tax deductible.  Separate, because our Trustees have the flexibility to take action (like lobbying) prohibited to a nonprofit 501(c)(3).  

The Trust is expected to dissolve in two years, after it accomplishes it mission.  Any leftover money will be donated to historic preservation, to schools, and to charity. 


Elliott Harding

Chairman of the Advocacy Committee for the Region Ten Community Services Board, Elliott brings a passion for advancing the best interests for those in his community. Born and raised in Charlottesville, a graduate of the University of Virginia and Washington & Lee University School of Law, Elliott will help the Trust secure a future that unites by continuing to honor figures of our past. Elliott is the lead trustee for Public Outreach.

Will Lyster

Vice President – Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society. Senior Project Manager – TEAL Construction. Member of Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5. Born and raised in Charlottesville, Will has been a persistent voice for historic preservation, so we learn from the past – rather than fearing or resenting it.   

Kalil Mohammed

The President and Founder of Club MO Fitness, Certified Master Trainer and Public Speaker.  Kalil was born and raised in Houston, TX and became a very proud Charlottesville resident in 2003.  His parents legally emigrated from Trinidad in the 1970’s and his father served in the US Army during Vietnam.  Kalil desires a collaborative resolution that will further solidify Charlottesville as a community. “United we stand, divided we fall.”  Kalil is our liaison with Charlottesville's Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Monuments, and Public Spaces.

Steven Strumlauf

Owner of Market Street Market and the Juice Bar on the Downtown Mall,  a noted local bronze sculptor.  Steve brings experience, good judgment, and discretion to the discussion of artists and art.  About Confederate war memorials in general he says ”it’s complicated. I can see both sides.”  Steven is lead trustee for Better Monuments.

Jock Yellott

Retired lawyer and civic activist who worked successfully to preserve the first Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in the nation, which crowns a hill in McIntire Park. He has notified the City that removing or defacing war memorials would violate Virginia law.  If litigation becomes necessary he will supervise the law firm the trust hires. Jock is our Executive Trustee, and Lead Trustee for Save Our Statues. 

The Monument Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) and contributions are tax deductible